The Watches Especially Created For Successful Businessmen

Watch is the calling card of a person. It represents this person’s temperament and connotation. The luxury swiss replica watches are necessary for the successful businessmen, for they not only provide them the exact timing, but also could make very important first impression on their cooperators who collaborate with them for the first time. Vacheron Constantin watches are especially created for these successful businessmen.

They represent success, wisdom and nobleness.   Vacheron Constantin QUAI DE L’ILE day-date and power-reserve replica watch This watch is the embodiment of the most advanced watchmaking technology of Vacheron Constantin. It adopts automatic movement and owns 40 hour power reserve. The material of watch case is full of innovative spirit, consisting of three kinds of metals: palladium, pink gold and titanium. The excellent anti-magnetic protection up to 25000A/m insures the watch to keep accurate timing even in the strong magnetic field. The watch strap is made of alligator Mississipiensis.

The display of hand-type month and date of week could remind businessman of the exact time, and the power reserve display could tell the businessman the position of power reserve.   Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle Calibre The watch case is made of the rose gold, one of the most precious metals. This replica watch provides us perpetual exact timing of hour and minute. Furthermore, it also provides the display of date of week, month and leap year, which is achieved through the three sub-dials on the watch. In addition, the power reserve of this watch is as many as 58 hours. This watch adopt the same alligator Mississipiensis as the QUAI DE L’ILE day-date and power reserve watch.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph This watch adopts the automatic movement. The watch case and strap are all made of stainless steel polished and satin-finished. This watch owns the 30 minute and 12 hour chronographs, and the date display. The strong function of anti-magnetic protection up to 25000A/m is one of the main features of this watch, which protects the watch from the interference of magnetic field. All of Vacheron Constantin mechanical watches have the Hallmark of Geneva which testifies the wonderful quality of watch. In addition, these watches not only provide precise timing, but also could be collected as the exquisite artwork.





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